Moving to Gibraltar

Move to Gibraltar and save tax

Tax residence categories

For those individuals wishing to move to Gibraltar to benefit from its special tax regimes, there are two separate categories of tax residence.

  • High Net Worth Individuals (Category 2)
  • HEPSS (Higher Executives Possessing Specialist Skills)

High Net Worth Individuals (Category 2 residence)

Tax is payable on the first £80,000 of income only

01 Minimum Tax

The minimum tax payable is £22,000

02 Maximum Tax

The maximum tax payable is £29,000

Basic Requirements

01 Net Worth

The applicant’s net worth should be £2m or more

02 Property

Must have available approved rental or purchased property (see “Property”)


01 Waivers

Some requirements may be waived

03 Tax

No capital gains tax, inheritance tax, wealth tax or sales tax

02 Trading

Category 2 individuals may enter into limited trading activities in Gibraltar

HEPSS (Higher Executives Possessing Specialist Skills)

This is the second category of residence available to those who fulfil the following requirements (some requirements may be waived).

Fees: We charge £3,500 to deal with either of these applications on your behalf. This amount includes the £1,000 non-refundable application fees.

01 Necessary Skills

  • The individual possesses skills that are necessary to promote and sustain the economic activity of particular economic value to Gibraltar
  • Those skills are not available in Gibraltar;
  • Those skills are important for the economic development and growth of Gibraltar

02 Earnings

  • He or she will earn more than £100,000 per annum in Gibraltar

03 Accomodation

  • The individual has available to him for his exclusive use for the period of the certificate, residential accommodation in Gibraltar, approved for this purpose by the Finance Centre Director

04 Gibraltar Residency

  • The individual has not been gainfully occupied or resident in Gibraltar in any part of the thirty-six month period immediately preceding the year in which the application is made