Wills & Probate

Wills and probate

Gibraltar wills

Should you own property or other assets in Gibraltar, you should ensure that you have a Gibraltar Will.

If you pass away without a Will, your assets will be distributed to your living relatives (if they can be located) as per Gibraltar laws. If no relative can be located, the assets are likely to become the property of the Crown.

It is essential, therefore, to ensure that you have a Will. Our current charge for a standard Will is £120.

Wills and probate

Spanish wills

In order to avoid your Spanish property from being distributed under Spain’s laws (you will have little choice to whom it goes), you can make a Spanish Will which will allow you to choose to whom all of your property will be gifted.

We have contacts with English and Spanish lawyers in Spain who will be able to assist you with your Spanish Will.

Effect of your Gibraltar will on assets in the United Kingdom

Once a grant of probate or letters of administration has been granted in Gibraltar, that same grant can be re-sealed in the United Kingdom to allow your executors to take care of any property and assets that you own there.

The same applies if you have a UK Will. It can be re-sealed in Gibraltar by the Gibraltar courts and used to allow your Gibraltar assets to be distributed to your chosen beneficiaries.